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Gunnm,  alas Battle Angel Alita,  is one of my favourite manga: it’s the one with whom I’ve started reading and loving manga and anime, along with Akira, Crying Freeman and Ghost in The Shell, back in the Ninenties. As you can see, I’m into cyberpunk and tecnology, like A LOT. So I’ve awaited patienly for the Cameron’s project, a live version of Yukito Kishiro’s manga, and I despised with all my heart Avatar (which I DIDN’T like) and its always announced and delayed sequels, because they delayed Cameron’s  attention from THE project I cared so much about, and I so eagerly awaited. But of course, James made zillion of dollars with his 3D-enhanced “creature”, and therefore Alita went down into the… scrapyard, pun intended. Luckily Roberto Rodriguez took in his hands the project, with Cameron as producer, and I was happy enough, because this summer my LONG wait should have come to an end.
BUT, like in a thriller well conceived, full of last-minute twist and turn, then came the SIX-MONTH delay, and the new due date, 12 December in US, 26 December in UK, and 1 January 2019 here in Italy…  for now, my appetite is satisfied, with a little glimpse,  but satisfactory enough to most of the main location of the manga, like The Scrapyard, Zalem, and The Factory. And for an instant, we can also see Gally in her shining Motorball Suit with the Damascus Blades.

And now, we wait, AGAIN!!!!!