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The first trailer for the follow-up of Split, the impressive last movie of directory M. Night Shyamalan is here, and as already previously announced, is a crossover and sequel of both Split AND Unbreakable, another great movie of the same director.  Returnig characters therefore are the titular Mr. Glass, portrayed by a sinister Samuel L. Jackson, David Dunn, interpreted by Bruce Willis, and last but not least Kevin Wendell, as seen in the movie Split, brought to life by James McAvoy in a truly acting tour de force. Also returning is Anya Taylor Joy, who was spared by The Beast at the end of Split, whereas a welcome addition to the cast is Sarah Paulson, last seen in The Post, which plays Dr. Ellis Staples, a  psychiatrist who specializes in “Superheroes delusions”. The stakes are really high for this is one, but will Mr. “Sixth Sense” Shyamalan be up to it? We can only wait, and hope for the best….

Here’s the San Diego ComicCon poster for the movie: