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I was just enjoying the Top of the Pops Special with the best hits of 1982 on the BBC Iplayer, in fully nostalgic mode for my teenager’s years, and I suddenly came across the song Come on Eileen, of the Dexy Midnight Runners, which I never knew existed until I heard it and learned to love it in the soundtrack of one of my cult movie of the last few years, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. And I’ve thought that sometimes life and  time  are playing with us, and we are entangled in a web that we don’t even know exist, but it’s there, and sometimes we hit it, ad it resonates trough our life, and our soul….

Here’s the sequence of the movie, with the fantastic couple that are Emma Watson and Ezra Mlller, brother and sister in the movie, performing an exhilarating Living Room Routine at the Homecoming School Party: