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[…]That’s a version of it . A kinder one, perhaps, would be that you’re allowing complicated people, over-complicated people to measure themselves against something unchanging. Permanent. Simple. Your ordinariness as a human being will be your greatest asset as a sovereign. A more distinctive, perhaps imaginative person would make a mess of it. And if I would add anything to your lesson it’s this: those “mad people” will prove to be your greatest allies.
No matter how old-fashioned, expensive and unjustifiable we are, we will still be preferable to a elected president meddling in what they do. Which is why the always dive in to rescue us every time we make a mess of things.

If you want to know how it is that the monarchy in this country has survived as long as it has – don’t look to its monarchs. Look to its Prime Ministers […]

(From the play The Audience, by Peter Morgan)