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The World’s End by Edward Wright

From the author of Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz, here comes the third chapter  of the partnership of director Edward Wright with the actors Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Martin “Watson” Freeman and Rosamund Pike join the party.


Data di Uscita: UK 19/7 IT 26/9

Trance  Di Danny Boyle

Psycological thriller with James McAvoy, Rosario Dawson and Vincent Cassel, from the director of Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, Shallow Grave, and recently of the theater play Frankenstein, with Benedict Cumberbatch and Johnny Lee Miller, and of the Opening Cerimony of the 2012 London Olympic Games

Data di Uscita: UK 27/3 IT 29/8

Welcome to The Punch

A thriller with Mark Strong as a former criminal forced to return to London, where James McAvoy as a detective is wating a chance to finally catch him. Andrea Risenborough and Peter Mullan also in the cast.

Data di Uscita: UK 15/03 IT TBA

Looks like James McAvoy has been busy this year…