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We’re all crazy for Emma Stone, and that was since we’ve learned to appreciate her many talents in Easy A … just kidding, she’s a very talented actress and a gorgeus girl, with a really peculiar voice,  that unfortunately is often lost in the italian version of her movies.

But now in The Amazing Spiderman as Gwen Stacy she’s really stealing the show to the (truth-to-be-told) nearly as good Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, and together are really the best thing you can tell about the reboot of our friendly neiboroughood Spidey, giving the not-so-good couple Maguire-Dunst a run for their money (and for once her italian “voice”  is good too)

I STILL think that Emma would have made a WONDERFUL M.J, but hey, after all as long as she’s on the screen with her beatiful eyes and her wonderful smile , we can’t really complain, can we ???